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Wanna Rock&Roll taste? Roman started playing gigs at the age of 16. He was a founder and a singer of the rock band PATENT that appeared to be very popular band especially between teenagers in Czechoslovakia mostly for protesting about freedom. Roman Dolezal toured with Patent for almost 3 years, opened shows for the stars and headlined few rock music festivals all over Czechoslovakia. Unfortunately, the band had been terminated by communist regime that was strictly going after all rebellious artists those days as so it led Patent to be no more allowed to concert but it helped the band to become a rock legend at the same time! The glory of PATENT came back in 2002 when they hit the Czech radio charts with a original Roman’s song Let the dreams come in.

PROSPEKT… rock’n roll band became Roman’s next step in his musical career and brought him unforgettable experience from touring for more than 2 years with rock bottomed line-up covering the hits from Deep Purple, David Coverdale, Styx, Night Rangers and Bryan Adams. The band didn’t release any album until the 2000 when finally 2 Roman’s songs the band recorded together appeared on the collectible compilation called Rocking Blast.

Roman soon aspired himself to lead professionals in a new band.  With the experienced musicians Lada Faktor /keyboards/ and Ivan Pokorny /bass/ he started the new wave style band LET - computer & music. This trio was the very first in Czechoslovakia who had used computers on the stage for to playback the song background, to control the light show as well as to operate the big screen video projection. Touring and recording with LET helped Roman Dolezal approach his music as a real pro. During this time LET released an album  Motylum Je Hey, even though there were enough songs the band had recorded to release a trilogy.  LET had a lot of airplays in a local and state radios and 2 music videos running on the state TV channels.

Right after the Fall of the Iron Curtain in Czechoslovakia in 1989 Roman Dolezal put together the most talented local musicians to create an alternative rock band called HARLEM. During the two years of its existence HARLEM played mostly clubs and smaller venues but later broke the border and expanded into Austria and Germany where they played dozens of gigs and open air rock festivals. HARLEM recorded 2 albums: 1st  “1991” ordered by monopoly music publisher Supraphon who has never released the album and 2nd Live in Germany re;eased independently by the band.

In 1994, the former member of Austrian band KING SIZE  Major Tom Prolll showed up at one of the PANAMA gigs to offer Roman Dolezal the lead vocalist post in his very well established and well known band KING SIZE  . Playing with KING SIZE gave Roman an opportunity to cross the Czech-Austria border at least 2 or 3 times a week, go to the rehearsals, gigs and studios, meet people who grew up with different music cultures, watch the stars from behind the stage, have more airplay then ever and finally get paid for it. Touring with King Size meant that he was to be on the same stage with Slade, Toto, Steve Lukather, Andy Baum or Manfred Man’s Earth Band. In the following four years they played over two hundred gigs and headed dozens of open air festivals all over Austria, Hungary and Germany. KING SIZE with Roman Dolezal recorded 2 studio albums 1.Timeless and 2.Greatest & Latest and their songs were placed on many compilations next to Bonnie Raitt, Waterloo & Robinson and Falco.

Later in 1998 Roman returned back to Czech to start working on his new project. Performing funk music BABA JAM was set up as a wide line-up live band with a brass section, 2 keyboardists and 3 background vocalists. BABA JAM took advantage of this extravaganza line up very well and was able to cover James Brown, Maceo Parker, Glenn Frey and others. They released the album called “I haven’t settled yet” in 2001. The title song hit the Czech charts and had much airplays on most of the independent radios stations in the country.  Unfortunately, Roman decided to go solo in 2002 and moved to USA.

..... my non voluntarily charge in the Army during 1988-89 just before our peaceful revolution came....I fell like I was wasting my time for just about a year .......but luckily  I line up the band and so we played out for most of the time and had great fun together.......

OCEANS by the sensationally talented Roman Dolezal is an impressive adult pop/rock CD.  The production creates a clean, polished recording of this solid and tight lead singer that provides a product that is ready for mainstream radio. 

OCEANS  is a groovy, irresistible collection of pop/rock tunes! Opening with the guitar groove sounds of BOOGIEMAN this CD immediately grabs listeners by the ears and hangs on until the very end! The songwriting provides memorable songs with catchy choruses. Roman’s strong and unique lead vocals and the tasteful harmonies, are a highlight of the CD. Lyrics structured with conversational verses and wide-open choruses hinging on multiple themes, originating from his early years and trace his steps to the present. Each track combines nostalgia, love, time, trust and fun

........ HARLEM was my Baby, my first band ever where I had arranged all my music, composed all songs and lyrics and run the band all the way........... I will never forget. RD

1998-2002                     BABA JAM

1993-1997                     KING SIZE

2003 and up   ROMAN goes SOLO

1990-1992                       HARLEM



1984-1985                   PROSPEKT

1981-1983                          PATENT

original BABA JAM line up : Roman Dolezal/vocals, flute, acoustic guitar, Eda Trost/bass, Ivo Livansky/guitar, Michal Jansta/drums, Pepa Novosad/keyboards, Zdenek Trost/alto sax, Pepa Kozak/trombone, Pavel Puffer/trumpet

original KING SIZE line up : Roman Dolezal/vocals, Major Tom Proll/guitars, Gordon McMichael/bass, Piet Patek/guitars, Peter Le Car/drums

original HARLEM line up : Roman Dolezal/vocals, flute, midi sax, Honza Kral/guitars, Karel Zamecnik/bass, Pavel Boucek/keyboards, Jarda Kvasnička-drums,  Sylva Malinkova & Martina Vrkocova/vocals

original LET line up : Roman Dolezal/vocals, flute, alto saxophone, Lada Faktor/keyboards&computers, Ivan Pokorny/bass&computers

original PROSPEKT line up : Roman Dolezal/vocals, flute, tenor saxophone, Honza Kral/guitars, Honza Hony Podlesak/ guitars, Dedek Jirka Elexhauser/bass, Pepik Sipek/keyboards, Evzen Peleska/drums

original PATENT line up : Roman Dolezal/vocals, flute, Tonda Couf/guitars, Zdenek Couf/bass, Martin Marek/keyboards, Zbysek Raska/drums, Jirka Malsovsky/acoustic guitar&vocals

It’s not to be my autobiography. I just try to capture some unforgettable moments of my musical career and interesting events of my life. I hope you’ll like it. Thank you for looking..... RD

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2011 ROMAN’S  latest project .......

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Album released on Sept 5 2011. Songs written by Roman Dolezal, Ivan Pokorny, Ladislav Faktor & Monika Klimentova. Originaly recorded within years 1983-1987.

Remastered & produced by Ivan Pokorny.

2011 CD Motylum je hey / LET available now! Buy it now from the artist!SHOP.htmlSHOP.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0

1.Kam ten spěch

2.Dejte vlnám šanci

3.V komíně je teplo

4.Černý sea

5.Motýlům je hey


7.Medvědi v manéži

8.Já nejsem já


10.Někdy lžou

11.Bílej slon

12.Zapomínám rána včerejší

13.Hezkej večer

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1.Svět stvořil král


3.Kam nedoletí hejna

4.Pláč života

5.Záhadný hrabě



8.Motýlí volání

9.Rajský bál

10.Let the dreams come in

/bonus writen by Roman Dolezal 2011/

Album released on Sept 20 2011. Songs written by Roman Dolezal, Martin Marek, Tonda Couf. Originaly recorded within years 1982-1983.

Remastered & produced by Ivan Pokorny.

Made on a Mac

Album released on March 10 2014. All ongs written by Roman Dolezal & Harlem,  Originaly recorded in 1990, remastered by Ivan Pokorny in 2014.  Produced by Roman Dolezal & Harlem, studio engineering by Lada Faktor, executive producer  Milan Princ

2014 CD “1991” / HARLEM is available now! SHOP.htmlSHOP.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0

1.armáda d@žan@ro


4.horská dráha


6.doufám, ž@ to vyjd@

7.s tím nepočít@j

9.napříč snům

10.špatn@j d@n